Touch the World

Millennium Cup 10


The scorer from the team first named in the match (i.e.: the team highlighted in yellow with bench on the pavilion side) must pick up the scorecard from the tournament administrators, located near the tournament scoreboard during the preceding break between their games. After the game the scorer must return the scorecard to the same administrators when the umpires are satisfied that the card has been completed correctly.

2010 Millennium Cup final, Paraparaumu College v Tawa College

A scorer from each team must stand next to each other during the match and share the score card. The scorer that is actually annotating the score card must ensure that the other scorer is able to observe the card at all times.

The two scorers may decide by agreement that one scorer can mark the card for the entire
match or if agreement is not possible, each scorer must mark the card for half the game and then swap.

Scorers complete the special scorecard by placing a letter representing the team in the centre pass boxes each time
that team has a centre pass. Example: Team A and Team B would be shown as A B A B A...

Scorers also cross out the goal number as a goal is scored in the table beneath the centre passes and ring the half time and full time scores.

Umpires must enter their names at the top of the card and the game details, although these are normally already completed. Umpires must also award each team a fair play rating based on the following scale at the end of the game: 1 - poor, 2 - below average, 3 - average, 4 - very good, 5 - excellent.