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Millennium Cup 10

Since 2001, the first year of the third millennium, schools have participated in the Millennium Cup netball tournament. The 10th birthday event was held on Sunday, 8 August 2010 and the winners were Paraparaumu College in the collegiate grade and Norths Jade in the junior grade. Congratulations to Paraparaumu for also taking out the Fair Play award for their grade and for having four of their team named in seven Tournament Team, including the Player of the Tournament!

2010 Millennium Cup

The Event Organisers acknowledge the support of Whittaker's Chocolates. Previous tournament results.

The draw is made in accordance with a pre-determined allocation so that teams from the same Centre are less likely to play each other. If a team from Netball Centres normally invited was not able to attend, then that slot was provided to a team from the host Netball Centre.

Teams provide their own first aid kit, balls and scorer. Teams are requested to provide umpires.


There are 16 teams in the Junior Grade (to Year 8) and 16 in the Collegiate Grade (to Year 13). Each grade has four pools of four teams. Players must be current female students of the school represented. Schools may choose players that are not currently registered in their current top team if they wish to introduce some development players or cover for non-availability.

2006 Millennium Cup action


All games have two 10 minutes halves, with a half-time break of three minutes. Teams must be on court ready to play within one minute of schedule with a minimum of five players or the game is forfeited, unless approved by the Tournament Convenor.

Extra time is allowed for tied semi-finals or finals to determine the winner, which is the first team to lead by two goals. Semi-finals and finals have independent time-keeping.

09:45 Teams arrive at Mungavin Courts, Porirua
10:00 Opening Ceremony
10:10 Warm up/Official's Brief
10:30–10:53 Junior Pool Game 1
Collegiate Pool Game 1
11:30–11:53 Junior Pool Game 2
Collegiate Pool Game 2
12:23 Lunch
1:00–1:23 Junior Pool Game 3
Collegiate Pool Game 3
2:00–2:23 Junior Crossover, Game 4, semi-finals
Collegiate Crossover, Game 4, semi-finals
3:00–3:23 Junior final
Collegiate final
4:00–4:15 Closing Ceremony

Pools and Points

There are four pools in each grade. The pools and draw are determined by a nominal system which may be changed by the Tournament Organiser if the team gradings vary from those normally invited. 

Teams receive 1 point for losing by 3 goals or less, 2 points for a draw, and 4 points for a win in pool play. If two teams have the same pool points, then the pool winner is the team with the highest pool ranking, which is the:

  • winner of the match between those teams, unless it was a draw, then it is the -

  • team with the highest differential between goals scored and goals conceded.

Each team plays three pool games. The winner of each pool goes on to contest the semi-finals. The pool winner with the highest goal differential plays the pool winner with the lowest goal differential.

Teams not in the semi-finals play a fourth game (pool crossover). The fourth game contributes to tournament team recognition and fair play awards for teams.

 The team with the highest points in each grade after the fourth game is the fair play trophy winner. If two teams have the same fair play points, the winner is the team with the highest pool points.


Scorers and umpires have specific scoring responsibilities when using the special Millennium Cup scorecard. Fair play points are determined by the umpires.


Serious injuries: In the event of a serious injury (when a player cannot immediately move), the umpires will allow injury time of up to two minutes. Player safety and health will be paramount and the umpires will stop the game immediately when it is obvious a player has a serious injury.

Players do not have to call 'time' to request an injury stoppage in these circumstances. The umpires will give a 30 second warning before the injured player must return to play or be substituted. If an injury is so serious that a player should not be moved, play will be moved to a spare court.

Any injury time taken is added at either half time or full time to ensure that a 20 minute playing time is still available.

Minor injuries and tactical substitutions: In the event of less serious injuries (when a player can move off the court by themselves), play will not stop and the injured player may be substituted at any time. Either coach may also make tactical substitutions for any reason at any time during the game. In the event of a substitution:

  • a player may leave the court without the umpire's approval but must do so without impeding play; and

  • players making the substitution either on or off-court must not disrupt play before the substitute player has their bib on and is ready to play.

Failure to comply with the substitution rule will result in a penalty at the site of the offence and the new player being sent off until the next goal.


Games will be played according to normal Netball NZ rules, except as varied by specific Millennium Cup rules. Umpires will allow play to continue without interruption if in the umpire's view a short pass is not deliberate. If a player wilfully makes a short pass then the umpire must award a free pass to the defensive team in the normal manner.

Umpires may stand down a player for umpiring abuse or wilful rough play until the next half time break or until full time at the umpire’s discretion.

The Tournament Convener has the final decision on disputes. Teams failing to abide by rules and decisions by the Convenor may forfeit match points or any game in penalty.