Out of this world excitement

Casino and administration

The main casino on the Copernicus Dome 16th floor would have soothing background music and foliage. People would tend to lose track of time and be very relaxed in such an environment.

The ceiling panoply would display celestial bodies and the Mars landscape using an extensive array of screens or fibre optics and the domed ceiling.

Private casinos serving high rollers are planned on the 15th floor in the Copernicus Dome. Restaurants and bars, including a food court, are on the 15th floor of the Newton Dome.

The 14th floor of the Copernicus Dome is the adult entertainment area, featuring therapy, massage and theatre. The Newton Dome has administration and contingency command and control systems. The two Presidential Suites are entered through security areas.

The main administration area and Command and Control Centre would be on the 13th floor of the Copernicus Dome. The 13th floor of the Newton Dome has a conference and aquatic centre, fitness centre, crèche and children's playground.

A security area at the main entrance portal screens vehicles and people before entry. The main security area is based in the Command and Control Centre. This area has extensive video, computer and electronic security apparatus for guest security. Accommodation will have advanced security and alerting facilities for a medical or security emergency.

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