Out of this world excitement


Project Olympus will be very modern with an emphasis on efficient space. Rooms would be equipped with soundproofing, modern entertainment and communication systems and designed with clean lines and space age materials.

Each dome would have 528 standard rooms, 88 Virtual Mars rooms, 44 suites and 44 grand suites. There are 704 rooms in each dome, totalling 1,408 rooms for the Project. There are also two presidential suites, four suites for high rollers and two executive suites. Special feature include automatic window cleaning, no sills for birds and no curtains, the windows using electrically controlled polarisation. Each room would have a communications and entertainment centre. Self-opening doors and high-tech security facilities will be standard features. The Virtual Mars rooms are designed to portray a realistic Mars scene with internal screens.

A   Standard room                D  Suite bathroom        G    Grand suite

B   Standard room bathroom   E  Suite                      H    Grand suite bathroom
C   Virtual Mars room             F  Laundry, food/drink


A hotel retail area near the lobby in the Copernicus Dome near the hotel lobby would sell a full range of items, including space orientated merchandise. Project Olympus employees would wear an outfit made from ultra-modern materials.


It will be important to have the endorsement of suitable environmental organisations, which should be consulted during the planning of the Project. This is good business practice for publicity, and it will set new environmental standards for Las Vegas.

Without improved methods of recycling water, air, food and even waste, humans could never have stood on the Moon. Conservation will be reflected in the Project Olympus theme by the use of space age materials and overt recycling processes.

The atmosphere will be purified to provide the best possible interior air without dust and spores. Negative ion generators produce a clean atmosphere, enabling visitors to feel refreshed, stay awake longer and to sleep better. This has obvious benefits to business within the casino environment.

Water is a precious commodity in space and even on Earth. The Project would have extensive water-saving and recycling features, including:

  • purification of waste water through an advanced water distillation plant;

  • efficient water facilities and encouraging water-saving techniques by visitors.

Energy use will be reduced by the use of a solar furnace. The solar furnace serves as one of the main exterior features during the day, as well as saving energy and providing hot water. Laser light will illuminate the path of the solar rays between the mirrors at night.

The furnace consists of computer-steered mirrors, which focus the power of the sun's rays on a tower containing synthetic oil. Oil is heated to temperatures in excess of 1,000 C (1850 F), and then circulates within vessels containing water that in turn vaporises to drive steam turbines. Oil is used in place of liquid sodium which has very good heat transfer properties, but exhibits chemical reactivity with air and water.

The conservation of electricity should be augmented by the use of solar cells, solar water heating and a wind turbine, showing future energy technologies to visitors.

The Project's main domes will have exterior surfaces designed to reflect excess solar heat during the day, necessary even on distant Mars. Radiant heating principles could be incorporated into the design to allow solar energy captured during the day to be released slowly at night. A high temperature furnace will burn refuse to minimise pollution.


Project Olympus would be a breathtaking attraction that will draw people to a unique and educative experience. The Project will stand out even in a city searching for superlatives. It will redefine a themed experience, which adults that grew up in the space age can relate to in the 21st century. The use of business partners and attention to conservation principles should provide a competitive edge over other attractions in Las Vegas. The Project's concept has been defined and it only needs others of vision to make it reality.

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