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Project Olympus

The Project Olympus concept and the innovations contained therein were created by the Chief Executive of ody-see.com ltd. Thus the concept and innovations are copyright and may not be reproduced or copied without permission of the creator.

Project Olympus is a uniquely themed entertainment centre, which is designed to render contemporary themed casinos out-of-date. The theme takes people that have grown up with the space age on an odyssey (voyage) into the future to a place that fires the imagination: Mars.

Las Vegas is the perfect place to recreate the surface of Mars. The theme celebrates the red desert instead of hiding it with signs and lights. As the Project is suited to the environment, it can be sited on inexpensive land away from the Las Vegas centre.

Key aspects of Project Olympus are as follows.

  • The most spectacular themed park entertainment with unique attractions  - such as the world’s first cost effective weightless ride
  • A stunning casino complex catering for a wide range of customers
  • Themed hotel with leading edge operating efficiencies
  • Futuristic design that incorporate safety and security features

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