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Acknowledgements - American Ody-see

OCL would like to thank and acknowledge the following people and organisations that provided imagery or data, which has contributed to the ultimate learning gift for children. In particular the data provided by Wikipedia has been important for the development of our products and to acknowledge this OCL donates to the Wikipedia Foundation. 

Game Board

The Licensee acknowledges that the Data and Related Materials contain proprietary and confidential property of ESRI and its licensors. The Data and Related Materials are owned by ESRI and its licensors and are protected by United States copyright laws and applicable international copyright treaties and/or conventions.



USA Hawaii Mauna Loa


USA Hawaii Keck Observatories


USA Hawaii Hula

Kirk Lee Aeder

USA California Mt Whitney


USA California Grizzly

John Pitcher

USA Giant Sequoias

L Wicks

USA Washington Mt Rainier

Kelvin Kay

USA Washington Mt St Helens

Kathy Jones

USA Washington Olympic Forest

Walter Siegmund

USA Alaska Mt McKinley

Richard Gunion

USA Alaska Aleutian Islands

Wanetta Ayers

USA Alaska Bald Eagle

U.S. Fish & Wildlife

USA Colorado Aspens

Jesse Varner

ISA Colorado skiing

Ben Blankenburg

USA Colorado Black Canyon

Jesse Varner

USA Colorado Garden of the Gods


USA Colorado NORAD

John Nagle

USA Colorado Pikes Point

Steve Krull

USA Wyoming Grand Teton barn

Jon Sullivan

USA Wyoming Elk

C J McKendry

USA Wyoming Fossil Buttes


USA West Virginia Appalachians

Andrew F Kazmierski

USA West Virginia Moundsville

Tim Kiser

USA West Virginia Bridge

A. Crane, Scenic Byways

USA New York Lake Placid

Bala Subs

USA New York Catskill Mountains

Brian Palmer

USA New York Albany Capitol

Wayne Archambeault

USA N Carolina Blue Ridge Mts

John Upchurch

USA N Carolina Wright Brothers

John T. Daniels

USA N Carolina Blue Ridge Mts

Jan van der Crabben


USA Alaska Iditarod Race

Matt Cooper

USA Alaska Polar Bear

John Pitcher

USA Alaska Inuit Igloo


USA Colorado Mesa Verde

Jacob Rus

USA Colorado Durango rail

Jerry McElroy

USA Colorado Dinosaur NM

Ashok Rodrigues

USA Arizona Navajo NM


USA Arizona Monument Valley

Steven Allan

USA Arizona Spider Rock

Jeremy Edwards

USA New Mexico Aztec Ruins

David Jolley

USA New Mexico Salinas Pueblo

National Parks (Scott)

USA New Mexico petroglyphs

IR Crockett

USA Montana Pompey’s Pillar


USA Montana Makoshika

Montana FWP

USA Montana Little Bighorn

Jeremy Kemp

USA Illinois Monks Mound


USA Illinois Cardinal

Mr Jamsey

USA Illinois Abraham Lincoln

Alexander Gardner

USA Virginia Clovis culture

Ian Breckenridge

USA Virginia Beach

Bill Manning

USA Virginia Pocahontas


USA Massachusetts Bull Brook

Brian Robinson

USA Massachusetts Boston Tea

Sarony and Major, 1846

USA Massachusetts Paul Revere


USA Georgia Etowah Mounds

Kåre Thor Olsen

USA Georgia Stone Mountain

Kelvin Kay

USA Georgia Atlanta Church

K. Lingbeek-van Kranen

USA Alabama Moundville

Edward Todd

USA Alabama Camellia

BS Thurner Hof

USA Alabama Yellowhammer

Nature's Pic's


USA night globe

Ugur Evirgen

USA Washington DC fireworks

W Brian Watkins

USA California theme park ride

L Wicks

USA California Mickey and Minnie

L Wicks

USA New York City


USA Nevada Las Vegas Paris

L Wicks

USA Hollywood Gauman’s Theatre

Carol M. Highsmith

USA Oregon Mustangs

Gary Alvis

USA Wisconsin Cherokee

Zbigniew Majerczyk

USA North Dakota sunflowers


USA small town America


USA DC Jefferson Memorial

Jeremy Edwards

USA Virginia Jamestown militiaman

Cathy Penney

USA Florida Apollo Launch


USA Hawaii

Tomas del Amo (I)

USA Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

L Wicks

USA Montana Grizzly Bear

Linda Lee Mirro (I)

USA California Redwood NP

Eric Foltz

USA Bryce Canyon


USA Arizona Havasu Falls


USA Wyoming American Bison

Jack Dykinga

USA Alaska Caribou

Dawn Nichols


Main game board image



Hurricane Katrina

NASA Dr. Chaim Tejman

USA Tornado

Sean Martin

Puerto Rico landslide

R.W. Jibson, US GS

USA Oklahoma tornado


USA Boston blizzard

Chee-Onn Leong

USA Indiana flood


USA Montana forest fire

J. McColgan, Alaskan IMT (USDA)

USA Texas dust storm 1935

NOAA George E. Marsh

USA San Francisco 1906 quake


Medical evacuation


Philippines Mt Mayon

C.G. Newhall, USGS


USA California Disneyland

L Wicks

USA California Long Beach

L Wicks

USA California La Brae Tar Pit

L Wicks

USA Hawaii Waikiki

Henry Price

USA Hawaii Pearl Harbor


USA Hawaii North Shore surfing

Stan Shebs

USA Nevada Las Vegas Strip

Brendel Signature

USA Nevada Hoover Dam


USA Nevada Chapel of the Flowers

Henry W

USA New York Times Square

Jeremy Edwards

USA New York Broadway show

Andreas Praefcke

USA New York Madison Square


USA New Jersey Atlantic City

Mark Pellegrini

USA New Jersey Performing Arts


USA New Jersey Princeton

Aimin Tang

USA New Hampshire Speedway


USA NH Lake Winnipesaukee

John Henderson

USA New Hampshire Plymouth

Julia Freeman-Woolpert

USA Louisiana Riverboats

Klaas L.- van Kranen

USA Louisiana Plantation House

Jason Major

USA Louisiana Swamp Bayou

Judy Foldetta

USA Tennessee Nashville CHF

Country Music HOFM

USA Tennessee Ryman Auditorium

Ryan Kaldari

USA Tennessee Whitetail Deer

Tony Campbell

USA Tennessee Graceland

Martin Haase

USA Tennessee Beale St

Jeremy Atherton

USA Tennessee Racoon


USA Florida Orlando Epcott

L Wicks

USA Florida Daytona Beach

Todd Aarnes

USA Florida Gasparilla Festival

Christopher Hollis


USA California Coliseum

Bobak Ha'Eri

USA California Elton John

L Wicks

USA California Chinese Theatre

L Wicks

USA Indiana Indianapolis 500

Bret Kelley

USA Indiana Jazz Festival

Maurice van der Velden

USA Indiana Angel Mounds site

Gray Loon Marketing

USA Massachusetts Halloween1

Toby Ord

USA Massachusetts Halloween2

Steven Phraner

USA Massachusetts Turkey

Michael Madsen

USA Pennsylvania Independence

Dan Smith

USA Pennsylvania Groundhog

Alan Freed

USA Pennsylvania Pittsburgh

Chris Rokitski

USA Utah Bonneville Salt Flats


USA Utah Great Salt Lake

lange photography

USA Utah Tabernacle Choir


USA Wyoming Rodeo2

Colin Gregory Palmer

USA Wyoming Fort Laramie

Matthew Trump

USA Wyoming Indian Paintbrush

National Park Service

USA Wisconsin Oshkosh

T. Canaan

USA Wisconsin Milwaukee Art

Michael Hicks

USA Wisconsin Dells

Brian Zalewski

USA Virginia Jamestown

Jon Meier

USA Virginia Thanksgiving

Olga Lyubkina

USA Virginia Washington Memorial

Fernando Revilla

USA Arkansas Dulcimer

David Lewis

USA Arkansas Ozark Waterfall

Clint Spencer

USA Arkansas Hot Springs

Wolfgang Beckers

USA Arkansas Riverfest

David Lewis

USA New Orleans Mardi Gras1


USA New Orleans Mardi Gras 2

Versatile Aure

 USA Jazz

 Jeff Griffin

USA New Orleans French Quarter

Bryan Tighe


USA Missouri Explorers

US Mint

USA Missouri St Louis

Colin Faulkingham

USA Kentucky Gray Squirrel

L Wicks

USA Missouri Lewis and Clark


USA Arkansas Mockingbird


USA Florida Keys Hawksbill Turtle

Ron Masessa

USA New York Verrazano Bridge

Jeremy Edwards

USA Alaska Walrus

Pcb21, NOAA

USA Vermont Lake Champlain

Jan Tyler

USA Texas Galveston Pelicans

Dave Huss

USA Arizona Grand Canyon

Kimberly Deprey

USA Hawaii Lava

T.J. Takahashi

USA California Sea Lions

Len Tillim

USA Montana Lewis, Clark Caverns

Xing Du


USA Alabama Capitol

Dave Newman

USA Alabama Martin Luther King

Dick DeMarsico

USA American Black Bear

John Pitcher

USA California Trams

L Wicks

USA California Alcatraz Island

Edward Z. Yang

USA California Fisherman’s Wharf

L Wicks

USA Connecticut Colt Firearms

Mike Cumpston

USA Connecticut Mountain Laurel

John Teate

USA Connecticut Yale University

Sage Ross

USA Delaware Du Pont Wagon


USA Delaware Cape Henlopen

Charles Knox

USA Delaware Peach Blossom

Nancy Nehring

USA Massachusetts Humpback

Whit Welles

USA Massachusetts Martha’s

Denis Tangney

USA Massachusetts Mayflower

David (Old Pine)

USA New York Brooklyn WTC

Franky Sze

USA New York Ellis Island

Lya Cattel

USA New York Statue of Liberty


USA Oklahoma Indian Blanket

Daniel CD

USA Oklahoma Clinton Route 66


USA Oklahoma Gilcrease Museum

Charles C. Schreyvogel (Breaking Through the Line)

USA Pennsylvania Liberty Bell

John Tomaselli

USA Pennsylvania Amish


USA Pennsylvania Gettysburg

Ashok Rodrigues

USA Texas Alamo


USA Texas Cotton

Neil Kurtzman

USA Texas River Walk


USA Washington White House


USA Washington Capitol

Steven Allan Wailing Wall

USA Washington Monument


Home City

USA Oregon Trail Covered Wagon

BD’s World

USA Oregon Chinook Salmon


USA Oregon Columbia Gorge

Kelvin Kay

USA Arizona Montezuma Castle


USA Arizona Casa Grande


USA Arizona Sonora Desert

Anton Foltin

USA N Dakota Knife River

National Park Service

USA North Dakota Tipi

Ronald Bloom

USA North Dakota Nokota Horse

Shelly Hauge

USA North Dakota Red River

Heather Mitzel

USA Iowa State Fair


USA Iowa Cornfield

Bartosz Wardzinski

USA Iowa Wild Prairie Rose

Alex Covington

USA RI Narragansett Bay Swans

Larry Manire

USA RI Block Island Lighthouse


USA RI Providence House

G Prentice

USA South Carolina Alligator

Jamie Adams

USA South Carolina Church


USA South Carolina Oaks



USA Saipan Northern Marianas


USA New Hampshire autumn

Denis Tangney

USA Virginia Arlington Cemetery

Cathy Penney

USA Nevada Bellagio Fountains

L Wicks


USA California Golden Gate

L Wicks

USA California San Jose


USA California TransAmerica

L Wicks

USA Washington Orcas

Robert Pittman

USA Washington Space Needle

Jeremy Edwards

USA Washington Boeing 787

Yasuhiko Obara Yasobara

USA Florida Space Shuttle


USA Florida Manatee

Dejan Sarman

USA Florida Panther

US Fish and Wildlife

USA South Dakota Mt Rushmore

US Government

USA South Dakota Coyote

Denis Pepin

USA South Dakota Sturgis

Cumulus Clouds

USA Illinois Chicago

Jeremy Edwards

USA Illinois Nuclear monument

Paul Goyette

USA Illinois Chicago O’Hare

Steve Adamson

USA Missouri St Louis Gateway

Daniel Schwen

USA Missouri 1904 Flight Cage

Robert Lawton

USA Missouri Eastern Bluebird

Mr Jamsey

USA Texas Dallas

Jeremy Edwards

USA Texas Longhorn

Jani Bryson

USA Texas Armadillo

Lisa Kyle Young

USA Kansas Cessna


USA Kansa Beechcraft

Tom Fleischman

USA Kansas Dodge City


USA Kansas Keeper of the Plains

Brent Danley

USA New York Manhattan

Klaas van Kranen

USA New York Central Park

Jeff Gynane

USA New York Stock Exchange

The Web President

USA Maryland John Hopkins


USA Maryland Aquarium


USA Maryland Chesapeake Bay

Jennifer Schmidt


USA Arizona Meteor Crater


USA Arizona Tombaugh telescope


USA Arizona Petrified Forest


USA Arizona Grand Canyon

Doug Dolde

USA Arizona Horseshoe Bend


USA Arizona Painted Desert

Doug Dolde (Wikipedia)

USA California Yosemite Valley

S. Greg Panosian

USA California Monarchs

Mila Zinkova

USA California Yosemite Falls

Nathan Jaskowiak

USA California Death Valley

Jon Larson

USA California Lake Tunedae

L Wicks

USA California Baker thermometer

L Wicks

USA Idaho Hells Canyon

Norman Eder

USA Idaho Shoshone Falls

Damon Bell

USA Idaho Craters of the Moon


USA Kentucky Mammoth Cave

Beatrice M

USA Kentucky Louisville Thunder


USA Kentucky Gold Coin

United States Mint

USA NM White Sands sunset

Mike Norton

USA NM Big Bend Rio Grande

Eric Foltz (istock)

USA New Mexico Roadrunners

Matt Cooper

USA New Mexico Carlsbad Cavern

Eric Guinther

USA New Mexico Roswell

Kevin Lange

USA NM Southwest pottery


USA Utah Bryce Canyon


USA Utah Zion NP


USA Utah Cedar Breaks

Marc Averette

USA Wyoming Yellowstone

Y. Shoji

USA Wyoming Old Faithful

Chris Reed

USA Wyoming Buffalo Bill

Adolph Spohr

USA Wyoming Buffalo Bill 2

Vincent Mercaldo Collection (Buffalo Bill Historical Center)

USA Wyoming Bison

Len Tillim


USA Alaska Aurora Borealis

Joshua Strang

USA Utah Vermillion Cliffs

Natalia Bratlavsky

USA West Virginia Glade Creek

Joanna Pecha

USA American Samoa

Eric Guinther

USA Guam Tumon Bay

Roy Boncato

USA Virgin Islands Trunk Bay

Ben Whitney

USA Puerto Rico El Morro Fort

Mach New Media

USA Hawaii Arizona Memorial

Duffman, US Navy

USA Utah Mule Canyon Fire House

Jeremy Edwards

USA California Little Lakes Valley

Ken Babione

USA Virginia Shenandoah Valley

Lange Photography

USA Montana Makoshika rock

Montana FWP

USA Bryce Canyon


USA California Carlsbad surfing

Christine Balderas

USA Colorado Flatirons Boulder

Jesse Varner

USA Wolves

Len Tillim


USA Florida Everglades cypress

National Park Service

USA Indiana Angel Mounds site

Gray Loon Marketing

USA Arizona Monument Valley

Eric Foltz

USA Bald Eagle

Steven Robertson


USA Alaska Glacier Bay kayak

Jim Mercure

USA Alaska Nabesna Glacier

US Geological Survey

USA Alaska Forget-me-not


USA California Balboa Park

Photo 168

USA California Old Town Mission

Eric Foltz

USA California La Jolla Cove

Oleksandr Buzko

USA California Big Sur Bixby

Brent Reeves

USA California Cannery Row

S. Greg Panosian

USA California Sea Otter

Mike Baird

USA Arches National Park

National Parks Service

USA Utah Canyonlands

Phil Armitage

USA Utah Moab Jeep Safari

Chad Anderson

USA South Dakota Badlands

Colin Faulkingham

USA South Dakota Crazy Horse

Magdalena Marczewska

USA South Dakota Jewel Cave

SD Tourism

USA Kansas Flint Hills

Edwin Olson

USA Kansas City pioneers


USA South Dakota Prairie Dog

Mila Zinkova

USA South Dakota Sioux Falls

Colin Faulkingham

USA South Dakota Pheasant

Lukasz Lukasik

USA South Dakota Sitting Bill

David Frances Barry

USA Nebraska Omaha Pow Wow

Dorothy Sarah Lee

USA Nebraska Chimney Rock

US Mint

USA Nebraska Sand Hills


USA Vermont Fall

Jeremy Edwards

USA Vermont Covered Bridge

Norman Reid

USA Vermont Lake Champlain

Matthew Teal

USA Maine Arcadia National Park

National Park Service

USA Maine Lobsters

Natalia Bratslavsky

USA Maine Portland Lighthouse

Christian Delbert


USA New York Niagara Falls

Pearce Kag427

USA Massachusetts Salem

Denis Tangney

USA Washington DC Blossoms

Dave Huss


USA Colorado Parks

Stacey Putman

USA Colorado Denver

Will Dozier

USA Colorado Big Horn Sheep

Keith Livingston

USA Wyoming Devils Tower

Colin Faulkingham

USA Wyoming Wild Bunch

John Schwartz

USA Wyoming Big Horn Mountains


USA Alaska Brown Bear

Sandra vom Stein

USA Alaska Fairbanks Aurora

Roman Krochuk

USA Alaska Moose

Donna Dewhurst

USA Arizona Boot Hill


USA Arizona O.K. Corral

L Wicks

USA Arizona Mountain Lion

Stephen Lee

USA California Mojave Rattlesnake

Rusty Dodson

USA California Joshua Tree

Katrina Leigh

USA California Goldstone


USA Utah Golden Spike

Hyrum K. Wright

USA Utah Bingham Canyon mine

Tim Jarrett

USA Utah Sego Lily


USA California Lake Tunedae

David Corby

USA Nevada Lake Tahoe

Emily Bryden


USA Nevada Mountain Bluebird

Elaine R. Wilson

USA Nevada Bristlecone

James R Bouldin

USA Texas Johnson Space Center


USA Texas Houston Ship Channel

Army Corps of Engineers

USA Texas Pumpjack

Steve Sucsy

USA Montana Glacier NP

Chip Phillips

USA Montana Meadowlark

Fish and Wildlife Service

USA Montana Mountain Goats

Jay Hammarstedt

USA Missouri Big Spring


USA Missouri Hawthorn


USA Missouri Mules


USA California Mojave Desert



USA Oregon Crater Lake

Zainub Razvi

USA Oregon Beaver

L Wicks

USA Oregon Klamath River

Mike Norton

USA Minnesota North Shore Ice

Jeff Gunderson, EPA

USA Minnesota Blatnik Bridge

Ryan Sinn

USA Minnesota Lighthouse

George Peters

USA Ohio Cincinnati

Derek Jensen

USA Ohio Cleveland

Brice Burtch

USA Ohio Hopewell Mounds

Herb Roe

USA Missouri River

Philip Fifer

USA Missouri Mark Twain Home

Andrew Balet

USA Missouri Capitol

Brian Doty

USA Minnesota Boundary Waters

Reid Priedhorsky

USA Minnesota Timber Wolf

Christian Mehlführer

USA Minnesota Voyageurs NP

Ed Lombard, NPS

USA Michigan Sleeping Bear Dune

National Park Service

USA Michigan Detroit Motor City

Jeff Hall, US Coast Guard

USA Michigan Mackinac Bridge

Jeff Ness

USA New York Niagara Falls

Kevin Tavares

USA New York Lake Ontario

Brigitte Smith

USA New York  1000 Islands

Teresa Mitchell

USA Alabama Gulf of Mexico

Robert Ellis

USA Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle

Sandra vom Stein

USA Alabama Tenshaw River

Kathy Hicks

USA Florida Everglades cypress

National Park Service

USA Florida Lake Okeechobee

Scott Cramer

USA Florida Miami Beach

Nick Tzolov

USA Mississippi River

Stefan Klein

USA Mississippi Cotton

Jeff Griffin

USA Mississippi Magnolias

Narcisa - Floricica Buzlea

USA Biloxi Lighthouse

Kathy Hicks

USA Riverboat


USA St Louis Gateway Arch

Feral Martian

USA New Orleans Jazz

Jeff Griffin


USA New Mexico Aztec Ruins

David Jolley

USA Montana Makoshika

Montana FWP

USA Colorado Mesa Verde


USA Massachusetts Bull Brook

Toby Morrow

USA Illinois Monks Mound


USA Alabama Moundville

Edward Todd

USA Virginia Clovis culture

Ian Breckenridge

USA San Francisco Golden Gate

L Wicks

USA Washington Space Needle

Jeremy Edwards

USA Illinois Sears Tower


USA Missouri St Louis Gateway

Daniel Schwen

USA Kansas Aircraft


USA Empire State Building

Michael Slonecker

USA Florida Shuttle Launch


USA California Death Valley

Daniel Mayer

USA Hawaiian Volcanoes Kilauea


USA California Yosemite


USA New Mexico Carlsbad Cavern

Eric Guinther

USA Wyoming Yellowstone

Arad Mojtahedi

USA Grand Canyon

Doug Dolde

USA NM White Sands sunset

Mike Norton