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Acknowledgements - Global Ody-see

OCL would like to thank and acknowledge the following people and organisations that provided imagery or data, which has contributed to the ultimate learning gift for children. In particular the data provided by Wikipedia has been important for the development of our products and to acknowledge this OCL donates to the Wikipedia Foundation. 

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The Licensee acknowledges that the Data and Related Materials contain proprietary and confidential property of ESRI and its licensors. The Data and Related Materials are owned by ESRI and its licensors and are protected by United States copyright laws and applicable international copyright treaties and/or conventions.



Bolivia La Paz mountains

Celso Diniz

Bolivia Altiplano

Danny Warren

Bolivia Lake Titicaca


Canada Vancouver Totems

Avishay Lindenfeld

Canada Maple Tree

Jing Li

Canada Banff

Matt Naylor

Japan Fujiama Shinkasen


Japan Tokyo Imperial Palace

Carl-Magnus Dumell

Japan Nikko waterfall


Nepal Mt Everest

Grazyna Niedzieska

Nepal  Swambutayah

Martin Kawalski

Nepal Annapurna

Jeremy Edwards

New Zealand Aoraki Mt Cook

Fredrik Larsson

New Zealand Mount Cook


New Zealand kiwi


Pakistan K2

Ian Bergeron

Pakistan Khyber Pass

James Mollison

Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam

Usman Nasir

Papua New Guinea Highlands

Adrian R. Tappin

Papua New Guinea tribesman


PNG Bird of Paradise


Switzerland Lac Leman

Bogdan Lazar

Switzerland Matterhorn

GMBA Dr. Eva Spehn

Switzerland Grossmünster


Tanzania Ngorongoro Rhinos

Mila Zinkova

Tanzania giraffe


Tanzania Lake Victoria

Wolfgang Richter

USA Hawaii Mauna Kea

Tropical Helicopters

USA Honolulu Waikiki

Henry Price

USA Hawaii Hula

Kirk Lee Aeder


Cambodia Angor Wat

Ashley Whitworth

Cambodia Mekong

Phil Date

Cambodia dancer

Jeremy Edwards

Egypt Sphinx Pyramid


Egypt Karnak

Jeremy Scott

Egypt Tutankamen

Realman 208

Greece Parthenon

Styve Reineck

Greece Olympia

Iraklis Klampanos

Greece Santorini

Paul Cowan

Indonesia Borobodur

Erik de Graaf

Indonesia Bali temple

Karen Gentry

Indonesia Mahameru Volcano

Jan-Pieter Nap

Iraq Babylon

John Said

Iraq Ziggurat Ur


Iraq Euphrates River

Christiaan Brigs

Jordan Petra Treasury

Marian Todd

Jordan Jerash

Peter Banks

Jordan River, Sea of Galilee

Lior Filshteiner

Mexico Teotihuacán

Alan Roberts

Mexico Paricutín eruption

U.S. Geological Survey

Mexico Chichén Itzá

Pamela Burley

Peru Machu Picchu

Gijs Bekenkamp

Peru Cuzco

Nancy Barr-Raper

Peru Nazca Lines


Syria Palmyra Qalat Ibn Maan

Milan Systemtechnik

Syria Damascus  Old Wall

Milan Systemtechnik

Syria Damascus  Roman

Flemming Pless

UK Stonehenge

UK Hadrian’s Wall


UK Edinburgh Castle



Australia Barossa

Benjamin Goode

Australia Opera House

L Wicks

Brazil Hyacinth Macaw

L Wicks

Chilean girl

L Wicks

Egypt Nile Feluccas

Cathy Penney


Robert Bremec



Finland snow

Juho Kuva

Pacific Ocean sunset


Poland Warsaw garden

L Wicks

Indonesia Orang-utan

Eric Gevaert

Russian soldiers

L Wicks

Samoa warrior

L Wicks

Thailand Golden Temple

L Wicks

USA Arizona lightning

Steve Rabin

USA Bryce Canyon


USA Las Vegas

L Wicks


Main game board image



Hurricane Katrina

NASA Dr. Chaim Tejman

USA Tornado

Sean Martin

Puerto Rico landslide

R.W. Jibson, US GS

USA Denali Avalanche


Big waves


Mali Dust storm

Y. Shoji

Serbia flood

Dejan Cabrilo

Sweden Gothenburg blizzard

Jonas Engström

Lighthouse storm

Mike Bentley

Milford storm

Daryl Benson

Airline strike


Japan earthquake road

NY Times-Kyodo News

Medical evacuation




Composite image

Philippines Mt Mayon

C.G. Newhall, USGS


Cook Islands Aitutaki

Ewen Smith

Cook Islands Pacific Ocean


Cook Islands Rarotonga

Marcus Gleinig

Cuba Old Havana

Bruno Medley

Cuba Salsa



Cuba beach

Michael Humbert

Cyprus, Aphrodite's Rock

Jeremy Voisey

Cyprus Salamis

Alexander Korzun

Cyprus Agios Lazaros Church


Mauritius beach

Rocky Chang

Mauritius Dodo

Roelant Savery

Mauritius Chamarel

Tomas Jensen

Morocco Atlas Mountains


Morocco Marrakech

Sean Randall

Morocco belly dancing

Tomasz Tulik

Philippines Boracay

Melo Vllareal

Philippines Tarsier

Terry Lim Kwong

Philippines Mt Mayon

Brian Dreyer

Spain Balearic Islands

Paul Mckeown

Spain Flamenco dancers

Guillermo Gonzalez

Spain Sagrada Familiar

Rainer Walter Schmied

USA Brooklyn Bridge

Joshua Haviv

USA Broadway Times Square

Jeremy Edwards

USA Statue of Liberty

James G. Charron

USA Disneyland

L Wicks

USA Hollywood

L Wicks

USA Death Valley


USA Mojave Desert


USA Hoover Dam


USA Las Vegas

L Wicks


Australia MCG

Paddy Briggs

Australia Arts Centre


Australia Twelve Apostles


Austria Salzburg

Ed Ward

Austria Choir

Andreas Praefcke

Austria Grossglockner peak

Micheal Schmid

Brazil Mardi Gras

jerôme Dancette

Brazil Rio de Janeiro


Brazil Copacabana

Celso Pupo Rodrigues

China Shanghai fans

Robert Churchill

China Shanghai Maglev

L Wicks

China Panda


Germany Oktoberfest


Germany Munich

L Wicks

Germany Cologne Rhine

Thomas Robin

Germany Neuschwanstein

Jason (Din Alt)

India Golden Temple

Y. Shoji

India Bollywood

David Ashby

India Bengal Tiger


Japan Zen Garden Blossom

Alan Tobey

Japan Golden Pavilion


Japan Sumo

Philbert Ono

Portugal Festa dos Tabuleiros


Portugal Madeira fireworks

David Morgan

Portugal Belem Tower


Portugal Vasco de Gama


Saudi Arabia Mecca

Micro Jay

Saudi Arabia Camel

Noel Powell

Saudi Arabia desert

Callan Emery

Spain bullfighting

Fanelie Rosier

Spain Cordoba Mosque


Spain Royal Palace

Hĺkan Svensson


Bahamas coral

Kristian Sekulic

Greenland coast

Ty Rogers

Peru Machu Picchu

Gijs Bekenkamp

Tanzania Zanzibar beach

Giovanni Rinaldi

Zimbabwe Victoria Falls

Torsten Karock

Indonesia Bali

Andy, Susanne Carvin

Nepal Everest

Mark Hannaford

China Temple of Heaven

Yong Hian Lim

Pacific Frangipani

Roy Boncato

Pacific dolphins

Adam White

Antarctica Mt Erebus

Seth White

French Polynesia, Bora Bora

Christine Balderas

Maldives coral and fish

Wolfgang Amri


Chile Easter Island Moai

Alan Lemire

Chile Rapa Nui dance

Dara J. Norman

Chile Easter Is Petroglyphs


China Great Wall

Jason (Din Alt)

China Terracotta Army

Robin Chen

China Potala Palace

Jeremy Edwards

France Versailles


France champagne

Tom Corser

France Notre Dame

Holly Hayes

France Eiffel Tower

Rüdiger Wölk

India Taj Mahal


India Delhi Red Fort

Alan Tobey

India Kashmir

Ron Sumners

Italy Colosseum


Italy Roman Forum


Italy Vatican City

Roberto A Sanchez

Russia Kremlin

L Wicks

Russia St Basil’s Cathedral

L Wicks

Russia Nizhny Novgorod

Evgenia Pogodina

Turkey Hagia Sophia

L Wicks

Turkey Topkapi Palace

L Wicks

Turkey Celsus Library

L Wicks

UK Big Ben


UK Westminster Abbey


UK Tower of London


UK Tower Bridge

Richard Waite

Ukraine St Sophia’s Cathedral

L Wicks

Ukraine Odessa Opera House

L Wicks

Ukraine Black Sea

L Wicks

Uzbekistan Samarkand

Jeroen De Mast

Uzbekistan Samarkand1

Rob Broek

Uzbekistan Bukhara

Anatoly Terentiev

Uzbekistan Khiva Fortress

Ron Bailey

Home City    

Australia Purnulu Nl Park

Angela Bell

Australia wildflowers

Vaughan Kidd

Australia Swan River


Bahamas fish

Chris Dascher

Bahamas beach

Tammy Peluso

Bahamas Junkanoo


Chile Torres del Paine NP

David Mathies

Chile Atacama Valle de Luna

José Carlos P Pereira

Nigeria Niger River

Alan Tobey

Nigeria drummers

Melvin Baker

Nigeria hippo


Poland Zakopone


Poland Krakow

L Wicks

Poland Isle Palace, Warsaw

L Wicks

South Korea Namdaemun

Chris 102

South Korea Bulguksa Temple

Dave Jenkins

South Korea Tae kwon do

US Government


Australia Harbour Bridge

Juergen Sack

Australia Opera House

Thomas Schoch

Australia Parliament House

Ben McCarthy

Australia Parliament House1


China Three Gorges Dam


China Hong Kong

YT Wong

China Lijiang River fishing

Robert Churchill

France Channel Tunnel

David Cannings-Bushell

France Mont St Michel

Jeremy Edwards

France Ariane4

Ariane Space

France Alps

Philippe Kurlapski

Kazakhstan Soyuz

ESA - S. Corvaja 2007

Kazakhstan steppe

Vassiliy Mikhailin

Kazakhstan Tian Shan


Kazakhstan snow leopard

Bernard Landgraf

Netherlands dam

Frank van Haalen

Netherlands windmill


Netherlands Amsterdam canal

Erik de Graaf

Panama Canal

Milos Peric

Panama Bridge of Americas

Panama Guide

Panama traditional building


UAE Burj al Arab

Joseph Calev

UAE falcon

Emirates Update

UAE Palm Islands

Helmut Pfau

UAE Burj Dubai

Imre Solt

USA Golden Gate Bridge

L Wicks

USA Everglades Egret

Greg Cooksey

USA Disneyworld

L Wicks

USA KSC shuttle launch


USA Giant Sequoias

L Wicks

USA Yosemite Falls

Daniel Stein

USA White House


USA Capitol

Steven Allan Wailing Wall

USA Washington Monument

David Iliff


Algeria Sahara

Graeme Purdy

Algeria Ahaggar


Algeria Tuareg


Antarctica Emperor Penguins

Michael Van Woert

Antarctica Aurora Australis

Paul Ross

Antarctica Iceberg

Alexander Hafemann

Australia Great Barrier Reef

Kent Angel

Australia Kangaroo

Michelle Allen

Australia Koala

David Iliff

Denmark Copenhagen

Knud Nielsen

Greenland Ravnefjeldet

Jens Buurgaard Nielsen

Greenland Nuuk humpback

Arne Fleischer

Greenland Narwhal

Glenn Williams

Israel Dead Sea

Steven Allan

Israel Jerusalem

Victoria German

Israel Bethlehem


Kenya Lake Nakuru

Liz Leyden

Kenya Amboseli Lion

Mark Wilson

Kenya Masai

Dmitri Markine (Wikipedia)

Norway Aurora Borealis

Y. Shoji

Norway Geiranger Fjord

Frédéric de Goldschmidt

Norway Heddal Stave Church

Sharon Kaasa

Turkey Pamukkale

L Wicks

Turkey Goreme

Maxime VIGE

Turkey Mt Ararat

Henri Nissen

USA Chicago

Jeremy Edwards

USA Yellowstone

Y. Shoji

USA Devils Tower

Colin Faulkingham

USA Grand Canyon

Doug Dolde

USA Arches National Park

National Parks Service

USA White Sands sunset

Mike Norton


Croatia Dubrovnik

Luke Daniek

Egypt Suez Canal


Guatemala Lake Atitlan

Kim Seidl

Hungary Budapest1

Steven Allan

Ireland Giants Causeway

Code Poet

Iceland Vatnajökull

Andreas Tille

Latvia Riga

Aleksejs Jevsejenko

Mexico Monarch Butterflies

Alan Roberts

Mongolia Bactrian Camel

Ying Yang

Mali Timbuktu

Alan Tobey

Oman sunset

Richard J Gerstner

Omani man

Jill Wicks

Reunion Island eruption

Koch Valérie

Switzerland Chapel Bridge

L Wicks

Vietnam Hue Citadel

Peter Fuchs

USA Alaska Aurora Borealis

Joshua Strang

Yemen Rock palace

Sean Randall


Canada Quebec City

L Wicks

Canada Mont Royal

L Wicks

Canada  Canada Geese

Howard Sandler

Czech Prague St Vitus

Toby Farmer

Czech Kutna Hora


Czech mountains

Olga Tereshonok

Czech Old Prague

S. Greg Panosian

Czech St Vitus Cathedral

Toby Farmer

Ecuador Galapagos Tortoise

Nicolette Neish

Ecuador Marina Iguana


Ecuador llama, Chimborazo

Loic Bernard

Italy Venice

Dr Alex Polonov

Italy Etna

Prof Gennadiy Nikishkov

Italy Leaning Tower

Stephan Hoerold

Malaysia Penang

Gavin Dodds

Malaysia Petronas Towers

L Wicks

Malaysia Borneo Pitcher Plant


Namibia Okavango Delta

Torsten Karock

Namibia cheetah

Mark Hannaford

Namibia elephant

Jan Oelofse

New Zealand Auckland

L Wicks

New Zealand Pohutu geyser

L Wicks

New Zealand Maori carving

L Wicks

Russia, St Petersburg church

Cornel Stefan Achirei

Russia, St Petersburg Palace

Alex Polenov

Russia Orca

Evgeniya Lazareva

Singapore Raffles

L Wicks

Singapore Merlion

L Wicks

Singapore Orchids

L Wicks

South Africa, Table Mountain

Walter Knirr South African Tourism

South Africa, Paarl vineyard

Hein von Hőrsten South African Tourism

South Africa Cape Good Hope

Paddy Briggs

Trade and Migration    

South Africa zebra

Lukas Kaffer

Fiji coral

Tammy Peluso

Madagascar Baobab Trees

Muriel Lasure

Uganda L. Victoria crocodile

Christopher Panduro


Angola African handicrafts

Andrew Cribb

Angola agama lizard

Christian Kahler

Angola meerkat

Alexander Pfandt

Australia Uluru

Dr Ross St George

Australia Barossa

Benjamin Goode

Australia Didgeridoo

L Wicks

Australia boomerang

David Franklin

Brazil Brasilia Cathedral

Victor Soares

Brazil Amazonian hunter

Roman Shiyanov

Brazilian beach football


Colombia Cartagena

John Sigler

Colombia Cathedral of Bogotá

Kinori Bolívar Square wiki/Plaza_Bol%C3%ADvar

Colombia Muisca Raft

Andrew Bertram  (El Dorado legend)

French Polynesia Bora Bora

Von Makemake

French Polynesia dancers

L Wicks

French Polynesia Sea Turtle

Mila Zinkova

Mexico Acapulco diver

Joshua D. Foster

Mexico Aztec dancing

Alan Roberts

Mexico Iguana

Alan Roberts

Mexico Santa Prisca Cathedral

Alan Roberts

Russia Bears

Igor Shpilenok

Russia Kamchatka volcanoes

Igor Shpilenok

Russia Reindeer (caribou)

Jon Nickles

South Africa Drakensberg

Walter Knirr  South African Tourism

South Africa Ostrich

Nico Smit 

South Africa springbok

Jan Oelofse

Sri Lanka Tea


Sri Lanka tea picker


Sri Lanka Adam’s Peak

Island Tours

Sri Lanka Kandy Perahara


Thailand Golden Temple

L Wicks

Thailand Emerald Buddha

Axel Boldt

Thailand Ko Phi Phi

William Casey 


Argentina Aconcagua

David Morgan  

Argentina Iguassu Falls


Argentina Buenos Aires

Laurin Johnson


Brazil Amazon River


Brazil Macaw



Brazil Amazonas Theatre


Canada Polar Bear

John Pitcher

Canada Niagara Falls

Frank Leung

Canada CN Tower

Kenneth Cheung

Congo gorilla

David William Pluth

Congo Okapi

Steffen Foerster

Congo River


Iran Persepolis


Iran Tehran Monument1

Hamid Reza

Russia Lake Baikal

Academy of Sciences

Russia Siberia

Andy Isoft

Russia Ob River

Aleksandr Frolov

Sudan Nile


Sudan Khartoum Old Mosque

Vit Hassan

Sudan Mahdi Omdurman

De Benutzer Viaorange

USA Riverboat


USA St Louis Gateway Arch

Feral Martian

USA New Orleans Jazz

Jeff Griffin

Venezuela, Angel Falls

Janne Hämäläinen

Venezuela, Caracus Cathedral

Guillermo Flamerich

Venezuela National Pantheon

Zimbabwe Victoria Falls

Beverley Vycital

Zimbabwe Cape Buffalo

John Pitcher 

Zimbabwe Great Zimbabwe



Colossus Akropolis

Bill Munns

Statue of Zeus

Bill Munns

Colossus of Rhodes

M. Turner Aramco World

Aurora Borealis

Y. Shoji

France Channel Tunnel

David Cannings-Bushell

Lighthouse of Alexandria

Emad Victor Shenouda

Brazil Rio de Janeiro


Great Pyramids at Giza

Stawomir Szpak

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

Bill Munns

Temple of Artemis

Bill Munns

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Martin Heemskerck

USA Empire State Building

Michael Slonecker

Panama Canal

Milos Peric

USA San Francisco

L Wicks

France Channel Tunnel

David Cannings-Bushell

Netherland dam

Frank van Haalen

UAE Burj Dubai

Alan Roberts

China Three Gorges Dam


USA Hawaii Volcanoes Kilauea


USA Grand Canyon

Doug Dolde

Zimbabwe Victoria Falls

Omar Ariff

Nepal Mt Everest

Grazyna Niedzieska

Australia Great Barrier Reef

Richard Ling