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Values ltd (OCL) believe we create the best games in the world to educate children in schools and homes by providing an optimal learning environment with a combination of realistic 3D modelling, stunning imagery, competition and fun.

Educational games are common but very few are able to be used as part of a school lesson. Extensive research was conducted with schools during the development phases, thus OCL seeks to support school educational studies and youth activities.

Ody-see games can also promote greater understanding of different nations and cultures around the world. Our goals include development of an electronic version
(e-Global Ody-see) that can be used to link schools and communities around the world.

The following are our company values. We will take actions that promote –


E  protection and development of company assets

E  an enlightened, reliable and productive workforce

E  innovation, growth and efficiency

E  A fair profit to our shareholders and key stakeholders


E  consultation and collaboration with those affected by the company

E  enthusiasm for the study of geography and science

E  innovative ideas from others that are in line with our philosophy

E  school youth activities such as sports


E  innovative and cost effective products for consumers

E  a reputation for product reliability

E  a reputation for service excellence

E  participation in the development of new products


E  collegial decision making where possible and communication at all levels

E  sharing of business and community returns

E  an exciting place to work that motivates people with good training

E  a safe working environment and non-discriminatory environment


Safety: OCL takes product safety seriously. The plastic used in the board image is high quality ABS 10GF while the mould plastic used for the board itself, dice and tokens is an industry standard PET. Testing for issues such as lead, arsenic and mercury, as well as the plastic Bisphenol A (BPA) is also standard practice. Our products have been tested by ANSECO Group, Hong Kong China. Test results are available on request.

Customers with very young children should note that the games contain small pieces that may be a choking hazard so we do not recommend that the game is played within reach when young children are present (for example, do not play on the floor).

Quality: Each Ody-see game has a quality control sheet inside, detailing the checking process that is undertaken at the factory. We include two lots of tokens in each game just in case a customer loses a token or one colour is missed as these are small items.

OCL's extensive research and development has improved each component of the game over the years but we are always looking for customer feedback on things we may have missed. One example was finding that the tokens were not as robust as the could be so these will now be moulded without a hollow lower stem.

If there is a manufacturing fault, the manufacturer certifies that each game is made in accordance with international quality standards using safe materials and without significant defect so distributors should discuss the matter direct with them.

Ningbo HCH Industrial Co. Ltd, Room 3-26, Dushi Ren He, #91Yaohang Street Ningbo, China,

Customers and distributors are also welcome to contact OCL with their feedback. 


OCL does not have specific conservation policies at this time because it is a new company establishing itself. However these policies will be established at the appropriate time and are likely to include:

  • using recyclable and non polluting raw materials wherever possible;

  • finding the most energy-efficient transport systems for our products; and

  • balancing our minimal carbon footprint through investment in projects that reduce carbon emissions.