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Product Development

Intellectual Property

The New Zealand Letters Patent for the Ody-see concept were issued on 9 August 2007. Intellectual property protection was subsequently extended worldwide through the Patent Co-operation Treaty and trademarks protecting our logos and tag line.


Testing of the Global Ody-see concept has been conducted in three different phases over several years. The in-house alpha tests used a two dimensional (2-D) board and basic rules to evaluate the game itself. Students between the age of 8 and 16, as well as adults, were involved in the alpha testing.

The rules and certain aspects of the game were
then refined for the beta tests, which were conducted at Brandon Intermediate, Chilton St James School and Kapiti Primary School. These schools represented a wide range of socio-economic background, with ages ranging between 11 and 17 and many diverse ethnicities. Questionnaires were completed by students to provide feedback on the game's strengths and weaknesses.

Students evaluating the Global Ody
-see concept

The gamma testing was the first to
utilise the 3-D board, to assess the validity of the 3-D concept of learning transfer. These tests were conducted at Brandon Intermediate, Chilton St James School, Kapiti Primary School and Samuel Marsden Collegiate. The final delta test (fourth phase using older teenagers) completed a two year trial period.

Feedback from testing and evaluation at expositions or by people with samples provided the following key aspects of the game.

  • Play can normally start within ten minutes, even accounting for reading the rules

  • Children as diverse as eight year olds and socialising teenagers enjoyed the game

  • Children and adults can play together without a major advantage to adults

  • Adults liked to play with other adults but their games are normally longer than children's games because adults like to recount travel stories as they play

  • Everyone appreciated the imagery and the 3D nature of the game

  • There is a balance between chance and strategy from using the Ody-see Cards

  • The diversity of games that comes from the two game versions, different routes, variations in dice throw, Ody-see Cards and strategy choices made by the players means that no games will ever be the same


OCL would like to publicly thank the schools, teachers and students involved in both the beta and gamma testing. We would also like to acknowledge the sources of data and images used in the development of our products.