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  • Who created the Ody-see concept?

  • What does 'Ody-see' mean?

  • What business opportunities are there to be a part of OCL?

    • Investment Profile

    • OCL shareholding is privately held and is not listed on any stock exchange.

    • OCL needs creative and business-orientated people to ensure we get the right mix of skills to achieve the company's vision. We only contract exterior skills to assist us when needed.

    • OCL welcomes investment enquiries from people who see opportunities to become part of a global brand producing unique and ethical products. It is a rare opportunity to find a company that has reached this stage of development without external debt, but before the brand achieves a profile that makes investment much more expensive. OCL has five main assets that have taken more than five years to develop.

      • Intellectual property - patent (world protection under the PCT scheme), trademarks (NZ and US) and natural copyright.

      • Brand - 'ody-see' games branding and imagery.

      • Moulds and film - used to manufacture the games.

      • Web site - URL ( and our portal to the world.

      • People - knowledge of our manufacturing, products and markets.

    • Current OCL shareholders have completed the most difficult task starting with an embryonic concept, researching market solutions, solving manufacturing issues, and bringing the product to the market. OCL is interested in investment in order to allow development of key regional and electronic game versions, and an important marketing program.

    • Market research of the US$22 billion games industry indicates that board game sales have been steadily increasing over the past decade and have proved to be even more popular during the recent market downturn.

  • What is the company's history?