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The following reviews were conducted by industry professionals:


These are just some of the many genuine comments we have received from people that have played Global Ody-see. They have been de-identified to protect the privacy of the correspondents. Your feedback on our web site or products is welcomed.

I am happy to say I finally got to play a few games of "Global Ody-see" and was quite impressed. I did not win, but had lots of fun. 
I decided to try the game with the gaming group I normally play with and was quite happy with the reactions. Picture 6 adult males who normally play war games, Settlers of Catan, 
Dungeons and Dragons and the like, sitting around playing. When I pictured bringing in the game to sell, I assumed most sales would go to families and schools. To my surprise our 
hard core gamers had a great time and asked to play it again when we meet next week. My wife has also tried the game with some of her adult female friends (mostly the wife's of 
the gentlemen I game with), and they have suggested playing it when a bunch of the couples get together next time instead of the standard Trivia games, etc. Overall, all comments 
were favourable and we are going to do a store demo in the next couple of weeks. 

Everyone thought the production values were great, the cost quite reasonable and it was fun to play.

We all had a wonderful time playing ody-see. As an avid fan of games, as well as an educator, after spending an evening enjoying ody-see, I was quickly shown ody-see's value. Not  only is it educational, it offers great game play, and hours of entertainment. Of all the educational games I have played, this one offered players a fun and unique experience. Everyone playing during the "Play with a creator night" at GAMA seemed to share this sentiment. Based on my experience there, as well as conversations with my colleagues upon my return, I am convinced of ody-see's value and potential. That being said, I would like to see ody-see available here in the United States.

Initial impressions are positive - good quality product, good concept, children had no problem with concept of rolling dice, moving markers etc. When I left to travel on Sunday PM I had both kids independently ask me if they could play with 'daddy's game' whilst I was away - this is interesting as it is not something they have done before. Wife thinks the info on the cards is very good.

Reported used with success with two classes today -they want to play again tomorrow.

On Christmas day I suggested to my family to play the game of Global Ody-see and help me to evaluate it possible suitability for primary school situations.  My family to a tee, didn't feel like joining in, so I put it aside for a more opportune time.

On Jan 3rd we all went off camping and while there I suggested we give this game a go. All agreed and so we set to it.  After a slow start as we all came to grips with how the game worked, everyone seemed to really enjoy how it was progressing. So much so that as it got progressively darker with our simple battery light not giving adequate light, I suggested we stop at this point. My family all quickly grabbed their torches so we could continue until we had a clear winner to the game which I found quite amusing.