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Welcome to our updates page!

October 2016

We attended the largest games exhibition in the world  - Spiel '16 in Germany.


June 2010

Biblical Ody-see
: Biblical Ody-see version available 1 October 2010.

December 2009

New North American distributor: goes on line 7 December. 

April 2009

American Ody-see unveiled at GAMA 2009, Las Vegas 14-17 April.

September 2007
Preferred Manufacturer: HCH Industries selected to manufacture Global Ody-see.

March 2007
Environmental Systems Research Institute Conference: Global Ody-see exhibited at the ESRI Conference, Palm Springs, California.

Courtesy EGL and ESRI

March 2010

GAMA Exposition: OCL attended GAMA 2010, Las Vegas to unveil Ancient Ody-see.

October 2009

Intellectual property awarded
: The US Patent and Trademark Office award OCL trademark protection for our tag line to go with the NZ Trademarks "TOUCH THE WORLD" and "ODY-SEE.COM LTD" and NZ Letters Patent issued on 9 August 2007.



September 2016

We would like to announce the release of the new European Ody-see version. This was shown in public at the Spiel '16 exhibition.




February 2012

2011-2012 Museum Tour Informal Education Product Award Winner


February 2011

Toy Fair: OCL attends the NY Toy Fair, New York.

April 2008

GAMA 2008
: GAMA Trade Show exhibition, Las Vegas, 20-24 April, 2008.

July 2007

New Company Launched
: Odysee Games Ltd deregistered; ltd incorporated 6 August 2007.

Games Expo 2007: Las Vegas, USA, 19-22 March, 2007; TD Monthly feedback.